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One comment on “About

  1. I see that you’re located somewhere in Alberta. Me, I’m Calgary-born and living in Medicine Hat. I used to play a fair bit of Car Wars until I moved from the Hat to Manitoba in ’92. I returned ten years later, but haven’t gotten back to actually playing any autoduelling games, although I’d really love to right now.

    There’s plenty of choice in car combat games now, with time-tested systems (Car Wars, Dark Future) and some fascinating new ideas (Road/Kill, Devil’s Run), and I love how creative gamers have taken to building wargame-esque 3D city and arena tables.

    The humble Car Wars 1″ counter has even given way to Hot Wheels modded by players into awesome-looking death-dealers. There’s even a killer-cars renaissance going on in the movies, with the Death Race series (to me, that is Car Wars come to life) and Mad Max: Fury Road.

    When I was younger, I dreamed of having an organized Car Wars AADA chapter. I even devised a great acronym for it: SACRIFICE, the Southern Alberta Coalition for Racing, Intense Firepower,and Internal Combustion Engines. Feel free to take any elements from it to use in your gaming group; it’s too good to let sit unused. 🙂

    That’s about it – if I make any progress in getting back in the virtual duellist driver’s seat, I’ll drop you another line. In the meantime, stay well and watch your six!


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